Seeing the Century Mark By Sunday

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The 90’s returned for the Fourth of July, but by the start of the week, today’s temperatures will seem cool in comparison.  Yes, it is summer, so yes, it should be hot! But it’s not normal for us to see triple digits this time of year, especially a three day streak with highs over 100.  Both the Rogue Valley and northern California will are expecting highs to break the century mark Sunday, Monday, and Tuesday.

In Medford, average highs this time of year are in the upper 80’s.  That means that for Monday, temperatures will be almost 15 degrees above average.  The coast is not immune to the above average temperatures either.  Brookings’ average temperature is in the upper 60’s, but highs will be in the middle 70’s at the start of the work week.

Next week will not be free from rain chances, or at least lightning strikes.  Isolated storms are possible Tuesday and Wednesday in the Klamath Basin and northern California.  Dry lightning and fire dangers will be an issue in both locations.

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Chief Meteorologist Kate McKenna