Security Changes After School Shooting

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MEDFORD, Ore. — Ever since a gunman left over 20 children and staff dead at Sandy Hook Elementary School, schools across Southern Oregon have revisited their emergency plans and have made significant security changes.

Over the summer, the Medford School District poured over a million dollars to change its facilities. They added fences, new doors and security alarms. Plus, at all of the elementary schools, entry is limited to just one door.

The district has also hired five mental health counselors for its schools. As schools do what they can, the district is asking the community to also help its security for students.

“We need to be vigilant when people are in distress. That’s parents watching kids, that’s neighbor watching what’s going on in the neighborhoods, and its people who live close to our schools just being alert,” said Superintendent Dr. Phil Long.

One of the most significant security changes we’ve seen is at shady cove school. The Jackson County Sheriff’s Office installed a high-tech security system, the first of its kind in the nation.

Among all of its features, teachers can push a panic button, activating cameras in the classroom to the sheriff’s office. Plus, it allows officers on scene and in the command center to directly control parts of the school.

On Friday, a government agency in Salem checked out that security system at the sheriff’s office. Other schools across the nation are also looking to implement it on their campuses.