Secondary Drowning

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Medford, Ore. — When we head out to the lake or the pool we know there is the risk of drowning, but there is another warning about secondary drowning.  It’s something that can happen once you’ve left the pool.

Providence Medford Medical Center’s Brian Marlia-Larsen said it is uncommon, but it is real.  He said it is helpful to think about it as delayed drowning, something that can happen after someone has inhaled some water.

If you are worried someone has inhaled water while at a pool or the lake, he says it is important to seek urgent medical attention.

Symptoms are described to be like an asthma attack with a difficulty breathing and wheezing.

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  1. Margaret Conner says:

    Never would have known about secondary drowning, until this interview. Brian did a great job explaining the importance of watching for symptoms that may not occur immediately. Thank you. Will be sure to watch carefully for such signs, with my children, as well as others that I may be around in a public area.

    Thanks for the helpful knowledge!

    Margaret Conner

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