Second Suspect Named in Ashland Homicide

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ASHLAND, Ore. – Jackson County Sheriff’s deputies are now admitting there is a second suspect in the murder of Ashland resident Frank Damiano, and that suspect could have made it as far north as Washington.

Othon Campos Jr. is wanted in Damiano’s murder, and is likely hiding out in the Portland / Vancouver area.

Earlier this week, a second suspect, Merlin Bound, was arrested in the case

Information isn’t yet being released on how Campos and Bound carried out the homicide. But the announcement confirms testimony from bound’s wife, Malinda, of Campos’s involvement.

And according to her, it was Campos that was giving out the orders.

“He’s a very terrifying person, and my husband felt very threatened for our family if he didn’t comply with certain things,” said Malinda.

Campos lived with Bound and his family in their home for two to three months in the past.

Sheriff’s deputies say they believe he took a Greyhound bus to Portland immediately after the murder. They say he’s likely on foot, and very familiar with the area.

“We don’t have any way of knowing whether or not he’s armed at this point, but he does have felony warrants for his arrest,” said Detective Julie Denney with the Jackson County Sheriff’s Office. “So if anyone encounters him they should definitely call 911 as soon as possible.”

Campos is charged with aggravated felony murder, felony murder, robbery, and burglary.

Law enforcement from every major agency in Southern Oregon continue to work the case. Now police in Portland have been notified and are on the lookout.

“Well we don’t have any way of knowing what he may do in the future,” said Denney. “But obviously the charges he faces right now are serious, so we want to get him into custody as soon as possible.”

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  1. Bill says:

    I enjoy checking Medfordmugshots.com to see how many times, also why, persons such as Mr. Campos have been arrested and released prior to the newsworthy biggie.
    Mr. Campos? Nine mugshots in the last couple years.
    Many have more.

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