Second Round of Storms Later Today

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Our first round of storms on Tuesday led to a pretty active afternoon. Lightning was striking over Southern Jackson County, along and east of the Cascades, and over Siskiyou County. Storms over the Rogue Valley traveled in from Northern California and a similar set up is likely today.

In fact, today could even end up being pretty identical to Tuesday. What does look slightly different is the coverage of storms. A few cells could make their way into Josephine County today …whereas yesterday it was fairly quiet here. A 2″ deep layer of hail was reported 10 miles south, southwest of Chemult blanketing the ground. It was about a half inch in diameter. Today, large hail will be among the threats, especially true for Klamath County.

Thunderstorm timing will also be similar to Tuesday. We’ll have storms firing up by early afternoon east of the Cascades and then mid afternoon for Northern California. For the West Side, expect some activity into early evening.

In addition to today’s storm threat, another day of extreme heat is underway. Also, the 12th triple digit day this summer. This is typically the warmest time of the summer — this week and next week. So, although this is not unusual for this time in the summer …our month in general has been VERY warm and could be on track for breaking records. Meaning, the amount of triple digit days we’ve had so far is above average.

This active and repetitive weather pattern is not forecast to let up in the near future, as storms are likely thorugh early next week. This is even true for the Valley.

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Meteorologist Alyssa Caroprese