Second Murder Suspect in Custody

OthonRobertCamposJr1MEDFORD, Ore. — The Jackson County Sheriff is saying “case closed” in the murder of Ashland resident Frank Damiano. Now, local prosecutors are preparing for trial. Othon Campos, Jr. the second suspect in that murder, is in custody after being caught over the weekend.

According to Jackson County Sheriff Mike Winters, the two suspects, Othon Campos, Jr. and Merlin Bound, had intended to Rob Damiano, also known as Tony Della Penna. Della Penna was killed by what Winters is calling “sharp force trauma”. Nothing else is being revealed regarding the act itself, but at this point, law enforcement is ready to hand the case off to prosecutors.

This weekend, Othon Campos, Jr. the second and final suspect, was caught at a grocery store in Vancouver, Washington by U.S. Marshals. He’s still at the Clark County Jail and faced arraignment on Monday for escaping the law. He will face the remainder of his charges related to the murder in Jackson County.

Prosecutors are reviewing the case, and say regardless of whether the murder was intentional or accidental, they’re confident in the charges.

“Whether this was a true plan from the beginning or something that progressed in the robbery will be difficult to tell. Legally, it doesn’t make a significant difference,” said Jackson County District Attorney Beth Heckert.

Bound has already been indicted by a grand jury and faced arraignment here in Jackson County. Campos has been indicted, but the timeline isn’t clear on when he will be brought back to Jackson County; it depends on if he chooses to fight extradition.