Search Warrants Served In Grubbs Case

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TALENT, Ore. – Police are searching several properties in Talent and Ashland, and they say it has to do with David Grubbs murder from one year ago. Police are quiet about why they are serving those search warrants, but police and search crews from multiple counties are involved.

Things have calmed down considerably on Rapp Road in Talent since Wednesday morning, but NewsWatch12 has seen police, search and rescue crews, even dive teams at the property. Police said they are searching that property, a house and several barns, all in connection to the murder of David Grubbs, but they are keeping quiet about the details.

Ashland Police are leading the case, they say they served 3 search warrants, one at the property on Rapp Road, one at a property in Ashland, and another on a vehicle, which is now in police custody. 23-year-old David Grubbs was found dead on the Ashland bike path one year ago. Police said since then, they have served several search warrants in the case, but say they try not to publicize them because they never know what they will find, if anything, and don’t want to risk putting false information out.

Chief Terry Holderness said Wednesday’s search was based partly on a tip, but he’s not saying what specifically led them to this location or if they have found anything. He won’t say if the homeowners are connected to the case, but he said the wide area on this property meant they needed more resources for the search.

This property has a pond and irrigation ditch nearby. Dive teams from Klamath and Siskiyou counties were seen searching those areas. They have said they believe the murder weapon is a large blade and crews with metal detectors have been on scene. Police reiterate that they do not know if anything will come of this search, and they aren’t saying if anything has been found.


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  1. Marla says:

    I called this in to Brian Morton in the KDRV newsroom this morning. As I pulled out onto Rapp Rd. on my way to work the search team was just arriving and they wouldn’t give us any info about what was happening or why they were there. Glad you guys are on it. Hoping for a positive outcome in this case. Looking forward to the news tonight.

  2. Kelly says:

    the properties being searched are related to the case because the man who found Mr. Grubbs body & flagged down the woman on the bike, lived @ the SOU family housing with his parents, but immediatly after the murder went to live @ his grandparents in Talent.

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