Search for Missing Woman

5-21 MISSING WOMAN Jennifer EvertDEL NORTE COUNTY, Calif. — Del Norte County deputies are helping a family search for a missing woman. 34-year-old Jennifer Evert disappeared Monday morning.

Her husband says she may be depressed and contemplating suicide, and has a handgun in her possession. She didn’t leave any clues to where she might be heading but left in her silver 1999 Chevy Tahoe.

She is 5’6, weighs around 140 pounds and has short blonde hair. Call police if you have any information.

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  1. George Bubble Hedge says:

    I hipe someone can find some type of info on this, but to me it looks very fishy. The local officials since the D.A. Has been ousted seems to be very clouded. People commiting suicides when there were no signs. The other halves not questioned nor tested for things like g.s.r. Etc.. Just very poor detictive work. On this case it seems to be ignored instead of taking serious looks at the first suspect there always supposed to look at. Their statements are supposed to be scrutenised. There are plenty on this one just for instance where it was said her last wareabouts was at the smith river gas station at around 11:40 a.m. Than the husband says she has no monies and the vehicle hase no gas. Really? It was just at a gas station but you know it has zero gas? How wpuld he know she has zero monies or credit cards unless..?? People don’t go missing and not talk to anyone in their family. Phone completely off since the missing date and zero uses of creditcard/phone/facebookinternets etc.. Look at the suttle statements. Those usually are the bombshells. I hope someone can find something soon. Here is other info that might be of some use. Can someone please maybe go to the facebook someone made for her “help find jennifer evert ” is the name and post anything that can maybe help. I’m afraid my info will not be welcome by her husband which I think is saying all the things that someone that knows something would say. Heres a link that I think should be brought to the attention too. By the way some of the missing persons fliers say the 99 silver full sized tahoe that she is in is a 4 door. It is a TWO DOOR! Please post if anyone has anything to say. Even if it is to say. How dare I! Heres that link that i’ll put spaces in i’m not sure if this forum lets us post these. Please fix the link I just put spaces in where they just need spaces deleted to fix the link..
    Www . Topix. C om /forum/city/crescent-city-ca/TT6KHQHU0QIUIQLAH
    Again please respond if any1 has anything.

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