Search for Chief Continues Next Month

Fire Teams to Stay SeparateMEDFORD, Ore. — City officials say they are leaning toward keeping Medford Fire and Rescue and Jackson County Fire District 3 separate entities. The City Manager says they plan to make that official on August 21st when they move on the recommendations of a cooperative study.

The position of Fire Chief was in question with that study. So once this topic is put to bed, city officials say they can move forward in the search for a full-time Medford Fire and Rescue Chief.

Deputy City Manager Bill Hoke has been the Interim Chief since the first of the year. “He’s been, uh, worked with us great and allowed us to run the organization and supported us where he could. But that’s, you know, going on for an extended period of time could cause some issues for us and and for the other city departments that need his support as well,” said Brian Fish, Deputy Chief with Medford Fire and Rescue.