Search Continues for Stephanie Warner

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ASHLAND, Ore. – The search continues for a missing Ruch woman who disappeared on the Fourth of July.

Saturday, friends and law enforcement officers met at the Jackson County Fuel Committee lot where Stephanie Warner used to volunteer in order to pass out flyers. It’s an effort to breathe life into an investigation that detectives say remains a mystery.

“Her bank account hasn’t been used. Some of the other accounts that you would normally see being active have not been active. And just her general character, this is definitely out of the ordinary for her,” said lead investigator Eric Henderson, a Detective with the Jackson County Sheriff’s Department.

Warner was last seen her at the Fourth of July parade in Ashland representing the fuel committee, a commitment she displayed no intention of leaving.

“She actually talked to Bill [Jenett], who runs the Jackson County Fuel Committee, and told him that she would talk to him the next day,” said Henderson.

Sheriff’s deputies are revealing little at this point, but they say it isn’t a homicide investigation. And it’s receiving all the resources the county can muster.

“Several detectives from our own agency are on this, and detectives from other agencies this entire time have been working on this case because it’s so important to us to find her,” said Henderson.

While officers continue the search one door at a time, Warner’s friends say they aren’t giving up on her either.

“We just want her to come home,” said Kristen Conand, a friend and co-volunteer at the Fuel Committee. “We love her.”