Scroggin Concedes Commissioner Race

MEDFORD, Ore. – With some tight results still needing to be certified, Jeff Scroggin conceded the race to Republican Doug Breidenthal for Jackson County Commissioner.

At the end of Election Night, it was still a very close race between Doug Breidenthal and Jeff Scroggin, with Breidenthal holding a slim advantage with 48% of the vote to Scroggin’s 46%, but with more results coming in, the picture became a little more clear.

Earlier this afternoon, Breidenthal received a phone call from Scroggin, in which Scroggin offered his congratulations and conceded the race. The latest numbers from the Jackson County Elections Office showed Briedenthal with a lead of just under 2,000 votes.

The elections office still needs to certify the results, and Breidenthal says he also is awaiting the official word. He says if the results hold, he is looking forward to working with his fellow commissioners, and wants to learn as much as he can when he takes the job.

Scroggin said he will stay on as an aid for State Senator Alan Bates, and says he is willing to help the commissioners however he can. As for Breidenthal, he spent the day after the election taking dozens of phone calls from supporters, and he’s looking forward to the end of a hard-fought race.