Scientists Pit Owl vs. Owl for Survival

Photo Courtesy of the National Park Service

Photo Courtesy of the National Park Service

CORVALLIS, Ore. — Scientists are hoping they can save the spotted owl by killing off one of its competitors.

The controversial plan involves killing off the barred owl, starting with four test areas, two in Oregon. A biologist for the U.S. Forest Service has been studying the spotted owls since 1960, and says they population is dwindling.

Biologists say the spotted owl only lives in old-growth forests, but the barred owl can live anywhere. They say the barred owl also raids the spotted owl’s food supply, and at times attacks them directly.

“So, you’re going to see spotted owls blink out, almost undoubtedly, if barred owls are not managed in some way,” explained Paul Henson, the state supervisor of U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service.

The spotted owl recovery plan is a 10 year experiment to see what would happen in 3,000 barred owl were removed from areas of the west coast. Opponents of the plan are asking what happens after the experiment, and whether barred owls will have to be continually killed for thousands of years.

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  1. tim says:

    WOW I can see the same thing happing right here in the valley, But it’s people not bird’s so it’s ok for them to act this way. They come up from downsouth ( mexico) and attack our food supply by getting on welfare, and Taking job’s from American’s. They can live anywhere to, they also attack us by bringing there gang’s and assult alot of us directly, we all read about it in the news all the time. Why don’t the Goverment remove 3000 of them out of our valley? We would be better off.There would be more job’s, less crime, less drug’s, and more money for welfare for the American’s who really need it. I think this is a huge problem that can be delt with, and I ask why it’s not? Is it because there people and not bird’s?

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