Schools Without AC Struggle to Stay Cool

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GRANTS PASS, Ore. — The hot weather is making it difficult for kids to stay cool during outdoor recess but for some southern Oregon schools they face that challenge inside the classroom.

Several schools with the Grants Pass School District do not have air-conditioning systems. Highland Elementary School is one of five schools in the district that are without air-conditioning. Staff say they prop open doors, turn off the lights and try to keep kids hydrated. They also run multiple fans inside the cafeteria and classroom.

“We try and give the kids breaks as  much as we can when we see  they’re not doing well. We have  more water breaks than normal and basically understand that it’s hot, and the kids may not be  working as well as they usually do,” explained principal George Personius.

The other schools in the district without air-conditioning are Riverside Elementary, Allendale Elementary, North Middle School and South Middle School.

Staff say the bond measure that didn’t pass this last election period in Josephine County would have paid for school improvements like air conditioner systems at the schools.

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  1. Julie Kriz says:

    Thank you for this story which gets our school’s needs out there. I just wish you would have mentioned all the schools in TRSD which are also without air conditioning. I’m sure the students and staff at these schools are suffering just as greatly as the student in our school.

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