School Report Cards Released

School GrantMEDFORD, Ore. — The state has released its re-designed report cards for Oregon’s public schools and districts.

The new report cards track focus on student performance and student growth. State officials say the goal of the new system is to reward schools that help all students improve, not just give good grades to those with high passing rates on state tests.

The state is using a five-tier rating system to grade each school. The report cards show 114 schools getting the top grade, while 60 were rated at the bottom.

Most of the schools in Southern Oregon were placed in the middle of the tier system getting level threes and fours.

In the lowest category, Level One, the category considered to be in “dire need of improvement”, Central Medford High School was listed.

Listed in the top 10% of schools with a Level Five: Madrone Trail Public Charter School, Sams Valley Elementary School and Talent Elementary School.