Students Raise Money for Boston Victims

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MEDFORD, Ore. — At Saint Mary’s School on Wednesday, students across Southern Oregon put aside school rivalries and joined in for a fundraiser.

Cascade Christian students joined St. Mary’s School and so did North and South Medford High School students. Students set a goal of $5,000 because it’s the average cost of one prosthetic limb.

The student who organized this entire jog-a-thon says she used Facebook and word of mouth to get students to come run. She’s also running for the fundraiser and says the idea came about it because of people close to her heart.

“I have family in Boston and this was their first time not coming to the run so it’s kind of like just a weird coincidence that they weren’t involved. So, it kind of hit close to home,” said the event coordinator, Maddy Schwartz.

The Grange donated water bottles for the fundraiser. All of the money raised will go directly to the Boston Children’s Hospital.

The fundraiser wrapped up Wednesday evening, but you can still help students reach their goal. Contact Saint Mary’s School or go directly to the Boston Children’s Hospital website.