School District Plans for Closures

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MEDFORD, Ore. — Haley Allen walks to Roosevelt Elementary every day to pick up her first grader, and Wednesday was no different. With Roosevelt chosen as one of the schools to close during the strike, that may change.

“He kind of knows what’s going on because he always asks me ‘what’s going on?’” said Allen.

The strike has Allen concerned about her son’s future and although school will go on with an altered schedule, she’s not sure what the impact will be on his education.

“My son loves school, he’s come such a long way. I know there’s going to be different schools open, but I’m scared. Will he be ready to go into 2nd grade? What will the outcome be?” said Allen.

School officials sent letters home with students explaining where and when their student’s class will meet. Several factors were considered to decide which doors stay open.

“First, we started with which schools could house other schools and actually have the physical location to have the number of classrooms needed,” said Director of Elementary Education and Instruction for the Medford School District, Julie Evans.

The other two key factors were proximity to other schools and bus routes and logistics. Every student will have the option of bus transportation, even those who live right next to a “closed” school.

“We’re going to have those students walk to their school by a designated time and have buses at that location and a smiley person from their school meeting them at that time. They’ll ride the bus over with the students to their new school,” said Evans.

Allen is glad at least some schooling will continue, but says the days of walking to pick up her son may be over for now.

“Now I’m going to have to worry about everything. Not being able to walk, to getting into my car and spending extra money I don’t have and it’s very inconvenient for my family,” said Allen.