School District May Opt Out of ESD

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GRANTS PASS, Ore. — Grants Pass schools are considering leaving the regions Education Service District. The district provides special ed, technical, and other services to local schools.

Among the many services an Education Service District provides, the biggest is special ed. If Grants Pass opts out, they’ll have to handle that on their own, but the school district’s superintendent says that may save them money.

The school district is currently going through what they call due diligence. They’re going through each of the services they get from the ESD one by one and figuring out which, if any, they can do on their own.

If a district chooses not to use certain services, they can get a direct infusion of funds that would otherwise go to providing those services and Grants Pass suspects they could pad their budget by up to $600,000 by doing things themselves.

“We’re not looking at changing the nature of the services for which these funds are going to be used. It’s how will they be provided, and is the ESD the most cost effective vehicle to provide those services,” said Grants Pass Superintendent John Higgins

The superintendent of the service district says Grants Pass is in a better position than most to opt-out because they already choose to get minimal support from the program. He says most of the other schools in the area would have a harder time.