School District Fights for Extra Deputy

JOSEPHINE COUNTY, Ore. — One day after a school shooting in Texas and weeks after the tragedy in Sandy Hook a local school district is trying to figure out how they can prevent similar incidents.

Three Rivers School District officials held a meeting last night to discuss ways they can better protect the kids.

In August the superintendent’s request to hire an extra deputy was denied by county commissioners.District officials met with the Josephine County Sheriff last night to find an alternative solution.

The superintendent says in 2011 there were 29 incidents involving drugs and alcohol and several times a year the schools receive reports of possible intruders on campus.

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  1. Jim Long says:

    Of course if Three Rivers wants a contract deputy they could eliminate some of waste in their own budget, how about a 10% pay cut in staff salaries? How serious are they about school safety?

    Raising district taxes is out!

    If they are TRULY CONCERN ABOUT SCHOOL CHILDREN SAFETY they have the answers within but not the guts to make them!

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