School Closures & Delays for Monday

School Closure Due To SnowThe following schools and districts will be closed or delayed for Monday, December 9th.


Abdill Career College

Ashland School District

Blossom Hill Child Development Center

Brighton Academy in Grants Pass

Butte Falls School District

Cascade Christian High School

Central Point School District

DESD Child Development Services

Grace Christian School

Glendale School District

Grants Pass School District 7

Jackson County School District 9

The Learning Ladder in Eagle Point

Logos Public Charter School

Madrone Trail Public Charter School

Medford Montessori School

Medford School District

New Hope Christian

The Oregon Child Development Coalition in Ashland

Phoenix-Talent School District

Prospect School District

River’s Edge Academy Charter School

Rogue River School District

Small Steps Childcare and Preschool

South Umpqua School District

St. Anne Catholic School in Grants Pass

St. John Lutheran School

St. Mary’s High School

Sunny Wolf Charter School in Wolf Creek

The Three Rivers School District

Tree of Life Christian Childcare in Shady Cove

Vibes Charter School

Vineyard Christian School

“Wee Watch ‘Em” Preschool and Daycare at the Rogue Valley Mall

All Child Development services in Medford, White City & Phoenix. All preschool, therapy, home visits, evaluation sessions and meetings also canceled.


Yreka Union High School – 2 Hour Delay.

RCC (all locations) closed until noon, morning classes are canceled.

Southern Oregon University – The Ashland and Medford campuses will open at 10:30am Monday due to inclement weather conditions. Only essential employees should report before 10:30am.



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  1. Debra says:

    What about allendale school? is there school tmw?

    1. Cerebral Posterior says:

      Isn’t Allendale school in the grants pass school district which has been listed above 6th from the top?

  2. Alix says:

    What about Hillside Elem. in Eagle Point, and Shady Cove school?

    1. Sue says:

      It says school district 9. That includes Shady Cove and Hillside

  3. Lin says:

    Is SOU closed Monday? Students and teachers need to know in time to prepare for potentially hazardous commutes.

    1. Brittney says:

      SOU has terrible timing. They most likely won’t tell us until 7:30am again tomorrow. I emailed CPS about the same concern but of course they didn’t reply to me (big shocker) or pass along the message to some “higher power.” I feel like SOU is oblivious to the conditions outside.

    2. Jess says:

      So far, SOU says that it will remain open. They generally wait until the last moment to announce delayed start or closure.

    3. Cerebral Posterior says:

      I signed up for the alert feature in banner and they’re pretty timely in regards to notifications however I must agree with the other posters that SOU waits until the last possible minute to make the call? Rather poor timing for those that commute from say GP, Wimer etc as if it’s not big deal. And they wonder why enrollment is down this year…just a bunch of mushrooms kept in the dark.

    4. NewsWatch 12 Staff says:

      From their website: The Ashland and Medford campuses will open at 10:30am Monday due to inclement weather conditions. Only essential employees should report before 10:30am.

      1. Frank - Commuting from White City says:

        That is so silly. Its like they don’t even watch the news!!! Do they even know the conditions that are outside?

    5. Lindsey says:

      Just got an email from SOU via my school email. Let me tell you… I sent my concerns back to the administrator who sent the email. Just so everyone is aware the temperature outside will be about negative 14 degrees in Ashland around 10:30. Super mad… Hope they change their mind. Its going to be slick all day. I’d email your concerns too and also drive/walk/bike/ski safe.

  4. Rob says:

    When will we know about Medford?

  5. Christopher Mckinley says:

    What about Medford S.D

  6. bricetyn says:

    is north medford going to be closed

  7. Gladys Patterson says:

    what about Medford schools? and vibs charter school

  8. jacob says:

    South??? Are you gonna announce anything?

  9. Linda says:

    Medford is at the top of the list!

  10. Matt Shannon says:

    What about Schools in Siskiyou county CA, you do know we get our news from Medford news channels

  11. Alex says:

    What about Ponderosa School

    1. Mr. Lonner says:

      Keep dreaming. I highly doubt they will close anything in the Klamath Basin.

  12. Carl Paulsen says:

    Geezzz….been cold before. No snow expected even thought they would close if they got an inch.

  13. Carl Paulsen says:

    Why are schools closing at all?? It is cold…..not the 1st time……..little snow on the ground….not the first time.

  14. Carl Paulsen says:

    Another funny thing. Schools were canceled for Friday and Monday….yet…..another school gets to Medford for a football game!! Had to be as dangerous as somebody going to school.

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