Hosanna Christian School Closed

KLAMATH FALLS, Ore. — For the fourth day in a row, a private Christian school in Klamath Falls is closed because of an outbreak of a contagious respiratory disease.

Hosanna Christian School first started having problems Monday when about a fourth of the students were out sick. By Tuesday, almost half the student body and a third of the staff were sick. So, classes were cancelled Wednesday, and again Thursday and also Friday, to give students and staff time to recover.

“We’re going through, wiping down door handles, cleaning bathrooms, desks, chairs, cafeteria; any surface that we can identify that would be point-of-contact for transfer of the virus,” explained Hosanna Business Administrator Barney Simonsen.

A blood drive at the school scheduled for Thursday was also cancelled and games with cross-town rival Triad set for last Tuesday are now moved to February 11th.