School Bus Crash In Applegate

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APPLEGATE, Ore. — The wet weather may have played a role in a school bus crash sending two children to the hospital.

The Jackson County Sheriff’s Office says the driver of a Nissan Maxima was speeding as he took a curve on North Applegate Road. Deputies say, that’s when he lost control slamming into a First Student school bus.

Eight children were on the school bus headed to Applegate Elementary. Two were loaded onto stretchers and taken to the hospital with minor injuries. The Sheriff’s Office says high speeds on a wet road are to blame.

“At this point, it appears the car was going too fast for the conditions, slid out of control, collided head first with this school bus,” Lt. Marty Clark with the Jackson County Sheriff’s Office

The driver of the Nissan is also at the hospital, with injuries. No word on his condition. The Sheriff’s Office says he may be cited with “careless driving”.

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  1. KW says:

    Careless driving seems too little with children, a school bus none the less, involved. Attempted manslaughter seems more like it. I have noticed people don’t care about the people around them when they drive anymore. They are in too much of a hurry. Makes me wish our police force had more funding to her more of them out on our roads. I know a few intersections where pedestrians are even at risk. People need to be reminded that driving is not a right and can be taken away. The people out there in vehicles are someones family~ what if someone was driving like them near their family, how would they feel?

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