School Board Talks Admin Raises

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MEDFORD, Ore. – Medford School Board members are talking about a salary increase for school administrators and one board member wants to know why they weren’t consulted before the decision was made.

The Medford School District announced this summer that administrators will be getting a salary increase, and would also be paying more for insurance and other benefits. Now some members of the school board are asking about their role in the process.

Administrators and managers are receiving a 4.5% increase in pay, and a one-time 2% stipend on top of that. This week, school board members expressed concerned about their role in the decision making. Some argued that they would like the board to have a more direct role in approving administrator salaries, while others said the decisions on salary and benefits saves the district money long-term.

Medford Schools Superintendent Phil Long referred us to the school board chair for comment. The Medford School District is also currently in negotiations with its classified staff. The current contract expired on June 30th.