School Board Stops School Transfers

6-2 medford schoolsMEDFORD, Ore. — ¬†Medford schools are closing their doors to transfers in or out of the district. The school board has voted to stop new transfer requests, in the face of new state regulations.

The new law says that districts are only able to set overall transfer limits and then approve requests through an impartial lottery system. School board members say, that gives them no choice but to stop transfers.

Jeff Thomas , School Board Chair, says, “Now the law is written in a way that, ‘look, there’s no conditions.’ You accept them or you don’t accept them. And if you decide you want to accept students in, if you’re not going to accept every single one, you have to put caps and you have to have a lottery system.”

Transfer requests that have already been granted will be honored. Transferring from one Medford district school to another is still possible. Students currently living in other districts,  but attending Medford schools, can stay until they graduate.