School Board Recall Effort Ongoing

recall petitionMEDFORD, Ore. – With contract negotiations still ongoing, a recall effort of four Medford school board members has already begun. On Saturday, training will begin for signature gatherers.

The chief petitioner, Blake Weller, says they will continue no matter what because they are so unhappy with the work that four members in particular have done. Tuesday, they were approved to begin collecting signatures and now have less than 90 days to get more than four and a half thousand signatures.

Weller says the four school board members: Sally Killen, Kim Wallan, Jeff Thomas, Marlene Yesquen were chosen for the recall because he says their behavior in particular upset him and recall supporters, and he believes they may be the most vulnerable to be voted out.

Weller says he does not support any of the school board members, but only has the resources to focus his efforts on four members. Weller says even if the strike is settled and teachers get back into the classroom, the recall will go on.

“The damage has been done, we’re two weeks into a strike, the community is torn apart, they’re traumatized, the school board has done this to us,” said Weller.

The deadline to turn in the signatures is May 12th, then the county will have 10 days to verify them, then the targeted members have five days to potentially resign. Weller says if their needed signatures are approved and the members don’t resign, the county will hold a recall election.


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  1. Jourdan Blackwell says:

    Can anyone explain to me what this means? I’ve just stuck my nose in this whole situation and it’s going from one thing to the next so fast I’m not keeping up!

  2. Alex says:

    I’ve been teaching in Medford for almost a decade and not ONCE have I had any of the board members actually, you know, drop into my class and see what it’s all about. These are the people that hire us and make important decisions regarding Medford schools, and not once did they drop in and ask how the class was going, what could be done to improve, what’s working and what’s not…nothing. Asked my peers and they haven’t had contact with them either.

    Odd to say the least.

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