School Board Hears Charter School Pitch

MEDFORD, Ore. – Officials with Medford’s Kids Unlimited presented their plans to create a new charter school during a Medford School Board meeting Monday night.

Executive Director Tom Cole and several Kids Unlimited board members spoke to school board members during a public forum, asking them to approve the proposed “Vibes” charter school, which would operate out of the Kids Unlimited facility.

The proposed school would have more school days and longer school days than other schools in the Medford School District, and Kids Unlimited officials said it could provide direct, personalized support for low-income and vulnerable families.

Public comment was taken for nearly an hour at the board meeting. Several community members who spoke in support of the charter school said would provide extra assistance to at-risk children and families. Others voice concerns about how prepared its teachers would be, and how the school would impact federally-funded Title-I programs at several Medford schools.

The school board did not vote on the issue Monday, and said it would be up for a vote at an upcoming meeting.

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  1. Catherine says:

    I worked for Kids Unlimited during the summer between teaching in 549C Medford school district. I know first-hand that this program employs licensed teachers and even prefers teachers that are equipped with a Master’s Degree. My decision to work for Kids Unlimited was due to my children’s desire to participate in their summer kids program. I was hesitant to leave my kids.. so I applied and was hired on staff to work directly with the children. I was not only impressed.. I knew this was a site I could easily leave my children and feel 100% confident in the enrichment programs they would be involved in. The summer program included science inquiry projects, reading clubs, soccer games, basketball drills, math war, and weekly trips to a city swimming pool.
    Overall, Kids Unlimited knows how to stretch a dollar. Having worked in the Medford Schools, I was held to much higher standards at Kids Unlimited. Every minute of time was scheduled, utilized and planned in this program. Not only would Kids Unlimited provide the much needed service that Medford is not able to provide (based on low graduation rates and high drop out rates), but Kids Unlimited already has an established reputation within our community and schools. I applaud Tom Cole for his vision of smaller “capped” class sizes, and a program with “uninterrupted” learning times. I can’t wait to see this school get off the ground.

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