Schauffler Out As Football Coach

EAGLE POINT, Ore. — Eagle Point High School parts ways with its head football coach and he thinks the reason may be related to last year’s teacher strike.

Both sides are saying two different things. The only thing that is certain is that Jacob Schauffler is no longer the head coach of the Eagle Point football team. The school informed Schauffler of its decision, and posted a opening for a new coach last week. Schauffler went 21 and 28 in four seasons as head coach.

He is also a teacher at the high school, and he says his dismissal may have to do with him participating in last year’s teachers strike, but the school’s athletic director says this decision had nothing to do with the strike.

Schauffler says he was only told the school was going in a different direction, and says he would have had the chance to fix any problems. The school’s athletic director says they are in the process of hiring a new head football coach. Schauffler will continue to teach social studies at the high school and he plans to coach baseball in the spring.


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  1. John says:

    It’s obvious that D9 has issues. Coach Schauffler did everything he was asked to do and was a great coach and leader for the young men in EP. This is a District that has it’s Human Resources Director telling other coaches not to hire anyone from Eagle Point for assistant positions, that gave no reason to Coach Schauffler for letting him go….and also made him remove coaches in mid season just as the team was boarding a bus to an away game……The problem starts at the top……and until that changes EP will continue to lose out. The AD is a puppet of admin and is someone who won’t even wear the school’s colors…..and applies for every job opening that is out there….doesn’t sound like someone we want leading our athletic department….very sad time for Eagle Point!

  2. George says:

    It is sad that yet again we have adults who think they are more important than the kids. The adult here had five years to produce a winning product and did not come close, did not even play in one playoff game (play in games are not playoff games). Most of us who can’t get the job done in 5 years would be out too (in fact we would get less than 5 years). But instead of owning their poor record, they try to make is about something else. Now this post goes into rumor. It is pretty easy to post rumors here, but why not be responsible and post sources. This seems like a classic “burn everything to the ground because I am not happy tactic”. I wish these people would realize that they are the ones sending the bad message to our kids and grow up. There is a mature way to handle this instead of this way. I realize for posting this I will be attacked by the same people with nasty comments, just like the manner they treat anyone who disagrees with them. In the end it is sad that the kids have to watch this.

  3. Bryan says:

    Hey John,
    Maybe the reason Coach Schauffler was let go has something to do with a 21-28 record. As for the AD being a puppet of the administration: Could it be the AD looked at the progress of the program and realized a change in direction was needed? Is that too hard to fathom? I can’t speak to whether Schauffler is a good coach and leader, but him blaming his firing on participation in the strike doesn’t doesn’t ring true.

    The question is this: Did he provide the kids the best opportunity for success on the field? Most professionals thank everyone for the opportunity and move forward knowing they’ll land on their feet because they believe in themselves. They don’t necessarily have to blame others because they know the body of work with the resources they had speaks for itself.

    I think you and the coach are missing the obvious: Eagle Point should have had more success on the gridiron under Schauffler’s watch. Period. Sometimes a change like this doesn’t come down to politics – it comes down to performance. The problem starts at the top? The administration isn’t on the sidelines in practices and games calling the shots. Nor should they be blamed for looking out for the kids’ best interest. Somebody’s got to do it.

    1. John says:

      There is truth on both sides of the arguement. It’s clear that a 21-28 record isn’t what you would consider successful, but there is alot more more to it than that. 120 kids out for football this year, top 10 in Oregon in team GPA, began the grant process for the new turf field etc. It’s not if Coach Schauffler took over a winning program and ran it into the ground, he has done a respectable job with what he has. It’s not always easy winning in Eagle Point, you can of course pad your schedule with 3A and 4A opponents as other sports do to have a “winning record” but in football you play in a tough conference with the Eugene schools. If it’s really because he wasn’t a good coach and wasn’t doing a good job then he should have been told that, but nobody is willing to give him a reason other than needing to go a new direction. It’s a fact that they attempted to offer the job to someone else in the Spring (while he was still the coach) and were rebuffed. It’s a fact that admin forced him to remove staff right before boarding the bus to a game, what about that is right or for the kids.

      I guess I don’t have an issue if this was truly a performace related matter, but it’s not….and those who know many of the issue surrounding all of this can’t give sources because those folks still work for D9 and can’t put their jobs at risk…….regardless, this is a sad situation for a lot of people. There will always be the side the blindly supports one side or the other….and that is fine, but there is really more to it than that. It’s a joke to say that admin has the kids best interest in mind….at least in this situation.

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