Scattered Storms Expected Today

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A widespread thunderstorm event is looking very likely later today for the Cascades, Basin & Northern California. Showers are developing as early as 6 this morning and the moisture can already be felt in the air. As the sun comes up and temperatures continue to warm, thunderstorms will become more likely.

The big threats with today’s storms are going to be frequent lightning, strong winds and even heavy rain with all the moisture moving in. Storms should die down overnight although thunder and lightning is still possible into Wednesday morning. As far as the heat is concerned, it doesn’t look to be breaking in the near future. Highs will be slightly cooler today because of cloud cover but still are climbing into the 90’s and triple digits in some locations.

A heat advisory is still in place for today across the West Side and Shasta Valley. A fire weather warning is in place for the Cascades, Basin & Northern California to account for the lightning threat this afternoon/evening. AND, there is a fire weather watch for these same areas for the round of storms expected Wednesday afternoon/evening.

The extended forecast has changed quite a bit since yesterday. Now, every afternoon/evening through Sunday is looking to trigger showers and storms for those typical areas — the Cascades and Basin, along with Northern California. However, the greatest threat is going to be across the East Side into the weekend. It’s possible this could change into the coming days, but for now storms are looking very like from one day to the next and it’s best to include it in the forecast.

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