Scam Targets Pacific Power Customers

Pacific Power Scam Targets CustomersMEDFORD, Ore. – Pacific Power customers are being warned about a phone scam in which thieves are posing as customer service agents and stealing people’s money and personal information.

Pacific Power said the scammers have told customers that they need to pay a bill immediately or they would be disconnected. The caller then asks customers to either pay by phone or buy a pre-paid calling card and give them the code.

Pacific Power representative Monte Mendenhall said real employees will have specific information about a person’s bill, and said customers can take steps to make sure they’re talking with a real employee.

“If a customer is ever concerned about somebody calling them being a legitimate call, customers should basically say, let me make the phone call back to the company,” Mendenhall said

Customers can call 1-888-221-7070 and ask to speak with a representative.