Satire Performance for GMO Campaign

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MEDFORD, Ore.–  Activists fighting for the Jackson County GMO Free Measure are using a bit of satire to push back against the opposition.

Actors dressed in costumes to represent wealthy business people and performed a skit at the Medford Growers and Crafters Market on Thursday. They were armed with a wheelbarrow full of “cash” and handed out fake hundred dollar bills to make their point. They said the campaign against Measure 15-119 is using the fear of money to influence residents; But advocates say it is unfair.

Performance organizer and actress, Vanessa Hopkins said, “When money gets involved, people stop paying attention and they just think, oh well if there is money coming in or if things are going to cost more money, then that’s going to influence our decision as far as what is right and what is wrong.”

The group against the measure said it would take funding away from important services like public safety. Those in support of the measure said there are several counties who are enforcing a similar measure and it is costing them nothing.

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  1. Sherman Shermanov says:

    Stephen Colbert they ain’t, but they are right on the issue…

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