Sandy Leaves Red Cross Short For Blood

MEDFORD, Ore. – The Red Cross is short 10,000 units in their national blood supply after “Superstorm Sandy” cancels hundred of drives scheduled this week and it comes at a time when they need it more than ever. Now the Red Cross is asking for your help in filling that gap.

Superstorm Sandy delivered heavy rains, snow and power outages across the East Coast, canceling 300 blood drives so far, meaning at least 10,000 units of blood have not been collected adding to an ongoing shortage.

For some perspective on what the loss of 10,000 units means, the local chapter of the Red Cross explained that for each unit of blood, a potential of three lives can be saved. It says the Pacific Northwest uses about 1,000 units of blood, a number local officials say is likely much higher on the East Coast.

That’s why after a disaster like Sandy, the Red Cross said it’s so vital to get donations. The life saving potential of a donation is something many local donors understand. The local chapter of the Red Cross said there are blood drives everyday. For a complete list and to schedule an appointment, click here.