Same-Sex Couple Marriage Allowed

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YREKA, Calif. — Same sex couples in California are getting ready to tie the knot.

Same sex couples will have to wait at least a month. The County Clerk says they have to wait for the injunction to pass through the court of appeals and be lifted before same sex couple marriage can become finalized.

Yreka residents had mixed feelings on the topic. Some say it was about time and they were glad to see families being considered families regardless of their make-up. Others say they knew the change was coming but it went against their beliefs.

“This has been an issue that has been at the forefront of California for a number of years and you know it is like with any other issues you have people that support it and you have people and people who are not in support of it,” said Siskiyou County Clerk Collen Setzer.

Heterosexuals and homosexuals couples will also now have the same rights when it comes to benefits and taxes. Once the injunction is lifted and same sex couple marriage is legal, the county clerk’s office says it will issue those marriage licenses during normal business hours.