Salvation Army Needs Volunteers

MEDFORD, Ore. — The Salvation Army is looking for a little extra help this Thanksgiving. So far, registration numbers for volunteers in Jackson County this holiday season has been pretty low.

This year the Salvation Army is offering families in need the choice of food assistance for Thanksgiving or Christmas. Last year, 6,000 people got all the ingredients to make a festive Christmas meal to make that possible again this year a lot of volunteers are needed

The jobs included counting, sorting, and bagging toys and food as well as distribution. If you want to help, or need help this holiday season, contact the Jackson County Salvation Army as soon as possible.


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  1. Diane Williams says:

    I called about volunteering in Medford and was told I would receive an application via e-mail. I never received it!! Please send another, I would like to volunteer with the Salvation Army.

    Thank you,
    Diane Williams

    1. Annoymous says:

      I was highly disappointed with the Volunteer Coordinator at Salvation Army. My friend and I were going to volunteer, and the lady kept blowing us off. She wouldn’t be clear about the days needed for Volunteers. Why in the world would you lose a chance of volunteers? The applications sent to us where so dark it was impossible to read. The program needs a major help.

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