Salt Creek Fire Closer to Containment

8-3 salt creekCENTRAL POINT, Ore. – While the Oregon Gulch fire continues to grow, crews are reporting good news on the other end of the Beaver Complex. Officials at the Salt Creek fire say they’re getting closer to containment by the day, allowing them to slowly shift to a one-front battle.

Right now the Salt Creek fire is at 155 acres. It is surrounded by firelines, but crews are putting the official estimate at 50% containment.

That fire, which started during the same storm that ignited Oregon Gulch fire, originally looked like it could become a much bigger fight.

But quick response and a few other factors helped along the way.

“The difference is it that made a hard, hard run toward the top of the hill,” said ODF District Forester Dan Thorpe. “What happened when it got to the top of the hill is it had to start burning against terrain and against wind.”

There has already been some transfer of resources from the TouVelle camp to the Oregon Gulch fire, but that camp will remain until Salt Creek is completely stamped out.