Salt Creek Fire Burning 80-100 Acres

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[UPDATE 9:15 a.m. JULY 31st] The Oregon Department of Forestry reported Thursday morning that the Salt Creek Fire has increased from 25 acres Wednesday evening to 80-100 acres. ODF crews are on scene battling that fire and are expecting more crews on the way.

WIMER, Ore. — The Oregon Department of Forestry responded dozens of fires on Wednesday evening, but ODF officials said the most concerning is the Salt Creek Fire.

The fire was one of the latest to develop sending a smoke plume up on the north side of the Rogue Valley about 10 miles Northeast of Wimer.

The fire was initially seen by an aircraft spotter, and quickly escalated from just a few acres to 25 acres in a matter of minutes. By sunset on Wednesday night, the fire is estimated to be about 60 acres.

The fire was near the top of Sprignett Butte, and fire fighters had a hard time finding a good vantage point to begin fighting the flames.

“It’s in deep rugged country, so the primary job to start out with is getting good access into it so we can get the bulldozer in,” said ODF Fire Prevention Specialist Brian Ballou.

Officials say this is a fire that will likely get worse before it gets better, and brought in aircraft assistance to try to line the fire before sunset. At this point, the fire is not threatening any structures. There is no estimate on containment yet.

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  1. Nina says:

    I need to know more about all the smoke south of Ashland up somewhere near Mt Ashland, I hope Southern Oregon has tankers here ready to go or are flying at this moment, tankers not helicopters. I remember the fires on Grizzily Peak in early 2000 or 2001. We were ready to rush to East side of Hwy 5 to rescue horses. Its all very scary. I have been in two serious forrest fires.

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