Salon Gives Students Fresh New Look

9-9 haircut web

MEDFORD, Ore. — A fresh cut, a new style and a new frame of mind–that’s what Jimy Angel with Salon Vivid hoped the 30 students from VIBES Charter School would walk away with after stopping in Monday afternoon. The salon and its employees volunteered their time on what is typically a day off to pick up their blow dryers and scissors to help make local students feel special.

Angel said the salon has been doing this event for about 20 years at different elementary schools around Medford, but this time there was a different approach. In the past the salon and hair stylists would go into the school’s gymnasium and do dozens of haircuts. Monday, they partnered up with the new VIBES Charter School and brought about 30 students to the salon.

“Anytime you can give unconditional love to somebody and just help them to feel good about who they are and to help them see themselves differently or in a lighter view, it always warms our hearts,” said Jimy Angel of Salon Vivid.

Angel went on to say that the whole idea is to help take care of the people and children in his own community. After their haircuts, the students were thankful and full of energy–the exact feeling Angel was hoping for.