Safety Violations at White City VA

VAWHITE CITY, Ore. — The VA rehabilitation center in White City has taken steps to correct more than a dozen health and safety violations.

The Occupational Safety and Health Administration, or OSHA, released documents detailing 17 violations the organization found last year at the VA. Many violations were labeled “serious” or “repeat” offenses.

Those include not adequately protecting all staff from possibly infected blood, and not providing protective equipment for chemotherapy treatments. The reports also found unsafe work areas like uncovered holes and exposed stairways.

“The serious and recurring nature of the violations were concerns,” said A.J. Reid, from the Portland OSHA office. “These hazards demonstrate a need for commitment from the Department of Veterans Affairs.”

The VA released a statement today saying all of the violations have been corrected. A spokesperson for OSHA could not immediately confirm that all of the issues were resolved.

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  1. Carol Hunt says:

    It saddens me to think that, this is all our Veterans are worth, to have a facility with this many violations. Many labled seroius or repeated. This is unexceptable as Americans, to not offer the BEST in a VA Rehabilitation Facility. Our Men and Women gave so much for each of us to have the freedom we do. And we THANK them this way? Have our Veterans just become a burden, that we can not give them the BEST? Why isn’t the Department of Veterans Affairs more involved with what is going on in their facilities, to see that violations as mentioned do not occure in the first place. There needs to be alot more commitment to our Veterans, They gave us years of commitment and then some. They deserve the BEST

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