RVTD Eagle Point Expansion

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EAGLE POINT, Ore. — The Eagle Point City Council has been asking residents for their opinions on a proposed expansion of Rogue Valley Transportation District to the area, and now they say they results are in. Eagle Point planning director, Mike Upston said out of the 4500 surveys the city sent out they, they received almost 300 back.  Upston said the results of those surveys were “mixed.”

He said about 50 percent of the respondents felt the expansion was valuable, and about 50 percent supported the increase in taxes.

The proposed expansion would create a bus route that would run from the Cascade Shopping Center on Highway 62 to the Walmart in Eagle Point. It would also loop around and encompass the RCC campus in White City.

If they city council approves the expansion, property taxes for Eagle Point residents would increase 17 cents per $1,000.

One Eagle Point resident said she does support the expansion. She said it will provide transportation for those who do not have their own, and currently have to find other ways to get around.

“They have to get rides from people… pay gas money for them to take them into town, or they just don’t go to town, said Eagle Point resident, Tina McLain.

More on the expansion is expected to be discussed at the Eagle Point City Council meeting on Tuesday at 7 p.m. at Eagle Point City Hall. Upston said there is a chance they will continue to discuss the RVTD expansion, and possibly mail out more surveys.  Another option, the council could vote to put the mass transit measure on the ballot.