Rural/Metro Takes Over Grants Pass Rural

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GRANTS PASS, Ore. — Beginning at midnight on June 1st, the Grants Pass Rural Fire Department was taken over by Rural/Metro Fire Department.

The owner of Grants Pass Rural, Linda Miller, says she tried to make upgrades and improvements over the last year to keep up with standards and regulations set for fire agencies. When they could not meet those regulations, the agency decided to look for alternate options.

Rural/Metro offered to take over full operations of Grants Pass Rural, including honoring all contracts and hiring several of their employees.  Miller says that she will be working with Rural/Metro directly to make the transition as smooth as possible.

Both agencies think the transition will ultimately be better for the community.

“There won’t be the concern out there of who’s contract is who’s, and who’s putting the fire out. It’ll really streamline things down to help take care of the customers out there in all of the county,” said Rural/Metro Fire Marshall Mike Shaw.

Rural/Metro has already started to respond to Grants Pass Rural customers, and will continue to honor all contracts through the next year.