Rural Metro Fire Gets Equipment Upgrade

6-11 rob web rural metroGRANTS PASS, Ore. — The Rural Metro Fire Department in Josephine County has purchased new equipment and say they are one of the first departments in the country to have the new technology.

The new self-contained breathing apparatus that fire crews use when fighting fires or performing rescues are twenty years newer than their current packs. The new S.C.B.A’s have both audial and visual safety alarms to alert others if a firefighter is in danger or is running out of air. Officials say the upgrade was much needed.

“We have packs that are twenty years old that we’ve been using, they’ve served us well, they’ve done a great  job for us, but we’ve been finding it really hard to get those taken care of, fixed, and replaced because they are so old and technology has advanced so far,” said Mike Shaw with Rural Metro Fire.

The new packs double the amount of air in the tanks which will allow fire crews more time in the firefight. Right now Rural Metro Fire is training with the new gear and will begin using them on calls on July 1st.