RoxyAnn Bottles New Wine

MEDFORD, Ore. — For the first time, a Southern Oregon winery is bottling a new type of red wine. RoxyAnn Winery is bringing out its petit syrah in bottles. They just finished bottling 300 cases of it.

Previously, the company only used as a variety in a blend with other wines, but RoxyAnn has decided to bottle this type alone because of the high quality of the grapes from 2011.

RoxyAnn’s winemaker says the vines were planted in 2008 on land which used to be used for pear production. In 2010, the winery says it produced a light crop. 2011, it was a full crop, but the petit syrah will only be available for wine club members.

“We have a wine club, and we like to produce little special lots for them. And if theres much left over for the wine club release a small portion of it will be released to the public,” said winemaker John Quinones.

RoxyAnns wine club members will also have to wait: the petit syrah will have to age in the bottle for at least 10 months before its released.