Roxy Ann Fire: 3 Years Later

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MEDFORD, Ore. – The land is slowly healing where fires burned on Roxy Ann and in the hills above Ashland, but investigators still don’t know who started the fires. Investigators found cigarette butts, matches and other items, but nothing that has pinpointed to a specific cause.

Three years has passed, but the Oregon Department of Forestry has stated that the fire is still an open investigation. The fire started near Vista Pointe and Forest Ridge Road. Trees and grass have grown back, not showing much evidence of a fire, but three years ago, the area looked much different.

Multiple Oregon Department of Forestry crew members, tankers and aircraft responded, fighting flames that were burning fast. On that same day, fire crew members battled another fire in Ashland that reached 190 acres. The Deer Ridge Fire reached 630 acres. Luckily no structures were damaged in the Deer Ridge Fire, but for many residents who witnessed the fire or lived up in the hills, it was a terrifying experience.

ODF said they spoke with witnesses who remembered seeing other people up in the Deer Ridge area. Investigators also found cigarettes and other items, but they say it still remains a mystery exactly how it started. The only evidence of that fire today are some dead branches up further up in the hill. ODF said the Deer Ridge Fire could happen again. So, they’d like to remind people to make sure to continue and make defensible space around their homes.