Round Two Of Storms

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While most areas stayed dry yesterday, almost all areas saw breezy to windy conditions. Today we’ll see the second round of storms move into our area so the chance for moderate to heavy rain is more widespread today, such that flooding of local streams, creeks and rivers are a possibility. We have Flood Watches in effect for most of southern Oregon and northern California with a Flood Warning for Curry and western Josephine county. We’ve already seen areas of heavy rain this morning at the coast and in Josephine county as well as strong winds, with the strongest wind gust reported at Squaw Peak of 105 mph, that’s a hurricane category 2 wind gust! Areas at the coast have reported over half an inch of rain in just the last few hours.

Several watches and warnings are in effect, including the Winter Storm Warning above 5,000 feet in central Siskiyou county which has continued from yesterday, with strong winds and heavy snow possible today and tomorrow. Along the coast and areas further east of the Klamath Basin are in a high wind warning for wind gusts 60-70 mph. Winds will be strong through the afternoon, and calm just a bit overnight and pick up again tomorrow which will be a repeat pattern through the weekend.

The third round of storms will move in Saturday through Sunday bringing in continued rain and strong winds. That will be the last round of storm due to the parent low offshore, but just wait more storms are on their way! Another low and associated front moves into our area Tuesday bringing in another round of rain and wind, but this storm system does not appear at this time to be quite as strong as the storms passing this week

Be sure to stay weather aware this week as you may run into debris on the roadways, power outages, downed power lines and trees, and flooding. It only takes one inch of rain to lift your vehicle and float it away, so if you see flooding on the roadways remember the National Weather Service catchy slogan, turn around don’t drown

I’ll be updating my Facebook and Twitter with road and weather reports, so be sure to follow me and post your weather photos! Thanks for logging on and don’t blow away!

Meteorologist Megan Parry

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