Rough and Ready Lumber Mill Closing

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CAVE JUNCTION, Ore. — Rough and Ready Lumber announced on Wednesday that they are closing its lumber mill in Cave Junction.

Rough and Ready said the Cave Junction mill is a major local employer that recently celebrated its 90th year in business in Oregon’s timber-dependent Illinois Valley.

Rough and Ready said the mill has been unable to secure a sufficient supply of logs from the surrounding federal forests to remain competitive. They said Cave Junction mill provided 85 family-wage jobs.

“We deeply regret having to close the family lumber business that my grandparents founded in 1922,” said Jennifer Phillippi, CEO and co-owner of Rough & Ready.

Rough & Ready announced that it would provide mill employees with severance pay based on years of service and assistance in finding new jobs.


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  1. Don Reedy says:

    I hope this news makes the environmental community and our “lip service” congressional delegation proud.

    The last sawmill in Josephine County will now disappear marking and end of an industry that has provided so many with jobs and a means of providing for their families.

    What have we become?

    Don Reedy
    Grants Pass

  2. Nic says:

    Another local example of failed policies and ignorant environmentalists. One day I pray these people will open their eyes and ears and see and hear what they are doing to our once great nation.

  3. Greg says:

    The real issue here is lack of understanding of the sustainability of the resource. If the timber industry would have approached timber harvesting in a sustainable fashion by not concentrating on clear cutting there would still be timber jobs, not as many, but that is a better alternative then losing everything. The federal government is to blame for this resource issue by concentrating on utilitarian philosophies that are long outdated.

  4. kenneth mcdonald says:

    Father, I know You know what You’re doing, It’s just that, alot of peple are pretty scared and angry right now. I Pray for these. Let them have faith in the future and the doors that will open for them according to Your plan. I pray this to you with faith in you.
    P.S.,Maybe you could send some extra gardian angels for everybody.

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