ROTC Objective Training

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This is about as close to a battle scene as most people will get. The ROTC objective training is a test, so no real bullets were used, but cadets carry weapons and plan for a surprise attack on the enemy.

The Southern Oregon University ROTC Program Manager, Lt. Col. Travis Lee explained that this scenario training is similar to a midterm. The cadets have to use what they have learned in the classroom in a live scenario. There are thirty-four total cadets participating in this year’s program at SOU. The cadets run through a drill like this twice a year, and they are graded on their performance. Many of them will become Second Lieutenants and go on to work for the National Guard after they finish the program at SOU. Lt. Col. Travis Lee says with good scores in exercises like this one, they could be in the running for a spot in the army.

“It’s getting more and more competitive, and this year’s class, is going to need somewhere between a 3.7 and a 3.8 GPA, and then they’re also going to need to score high at the summer camp. Next year’s class is likely to be even higher than that, grade point average wise,” Lt. Col. Travis Lee said.

He also says the program has changed since last year. Usually during this time, the cadets would be doing map and compass work. This new focus helps cadets gain more experience being leaders of small teams. The ROTC program recently received a housing scholarships gift from . Lt. Col. Travis Lee says in the past year the program has seen more growth than usual.