ROTC Conducting Swim Test at SOU

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ASHLAND, Ore. — The ROTC program at SOU is getting ready for some of the cadets to move on to a leadership camp, but before they leave, each cadet has to pass a swim test.

ROTC cadets in their 3rd year are preparing for a big objective test this morning. This is the second annual test -similar to a midterm; the last one was held back in October. This one is taken in the pool at SOU.

During the test, each cadet must swim laps with rubber rifles above their heads, jump from a 10 foot dive, blindfolded, and jump into the water with combat gear, remove the gear underwater, and swim to the bottom of the pool to pull up the rubber rifle.

This swim test is a requirement for cadets about to go to L-DAC, which is the competitive officer’s camp. Many of them have been preparing for the test for months, some even started preparation during their 1st and 2nd years.

The ROTC program does allow cadets to retake the swim test if they fail the first time. They’re not graded on a scale – it’s a pass or fail test. Leaders of the program say they want to give each member the opportunity to succeed, even if that means doing a trail run during their first or second year before they’re actually graded in the 3rd year.

Leaders of the program say this ROTC program at SOU has a good retention rate, which means they rarely see people drop out of the program.