Roscoe’s Owner Battles Skin Disorder

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PHOENIX, Ore. — A popular Southern Oregon restaurant has closed after its co-owner developed a serious skin disorder.

Roscoe’s BBQ shut its doors last month, when co-owner Will Moore became afflicted with Stevens-Johnson Syndrome; a rare and painful skin disorder. Moore first suffered a reaction to medication in February, and developed the disorder shortly after. He has been in and out of the hospital during the past month, suffering from sores, blisters, and skin loss inside and outside his body.

Moore was the cook at the Phoenix restaurant, which he owns with his wife Nikola. When Will’s medical condition became worse, the couple decided to close the restaurant and focus solely on his recovery. It shut its doors for good on February 17. Nikola, who manages the business side of Roscoe’s, said it was devastating to close down, but said it was too difficult to balance the restaurant with Will’s medical problems.

Dermatologists in Medford said if a patient receives the right treatment, they can sometimes recover in a few months. Nikola said Will is currently on pain medication and steroids to fight the disorder.

The couple does not have health insurance, but they have set up a PayPal account to help pay Will’s medical bills. PayPal donations can be sent to roscoesbbq@yahoo.com. They also request you send donations to P.O. Box 721, Phoenix, OR 97535.


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  1. Milt says:

    So what about the people that ate there do they have anything to worry about can the catch this in some way? Just askin

    1. Nikola Moore says:

      No. You can not catch this. It’s caused my the medication he was given. I’m his wife and believe me if it was contajous, I’d have it too.

  2. Sue says:

    Stevens-Johnson Syndrome is an extremely rare reaction to medication in which the skin blisters, burns, and separates from the underlying tissue. Imagine a chemical burn throughout the body. It effects the skin both inside and out, around the organs, the linings of your mouth, throat, abdominal cavity, etc. Very painful. No way can anyone catch this from him, or from having eaten there. I have many fond memories of Roscoe’s on a swinging Friday night, the great food, including one of the few places I could binge on fried okra. Best wishes to you Will, and praying for a full recovery.

  3. Shelley Sealover says:

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  4. Shelley Sealover says:

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