Roscoe’s Empty After Closing Sale

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PHOENIX, Ore. – The former home of Roscoe’s BBQ is now empty. The restaurant’s owners sold everything in the place today help pay for medical expenses.

The iconic restaurant closed earlier this month when owner Will Moore fell ill with a rare and incurable disease known as Stevens Johnston Syndrome. Because they don’t have health insurance, the sale will go toward helping Moore and his wife pay for treatment out-of-pocket.

Moore’s wife, Nikola, says it was a good six-year run, but now they need to look to the future.

“Just going forward, we’re gonna take care of Will,” said Moore. “And just one foot in front of the other.”

Everything was put on sale — from plates to music CD’s, neon lights, and more.

“We bought some bar stools. We’re gonna take them home and we’re gonna have a little bar and… We’ll always have a piece of Roscoe’s with us,” said Julie Hague-Gray, a supporter who turned up to the event.

Supporters say it was their way of giving back to the restaurant that gave them so much.

“They just fit in. They were a great niche and everybody came,” said Hague-Gray. “This is a very sad day.”

The event was full of stories from people who held their anniversaries or birthdays at Roscoe’s, or even found love.

“There’s so many of those stories out there,” said Moore. “We’ve had probably a handful of people get married after they met here. So it’s been a pretty amazing place.”

Today’s sale won’t cover all of the medical bills, but it will go a long way. Nikola Moore says that Roscoe’s could someday return if her husband recovers.