Ronnie Bresser: Amateur AotW

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Ronnie Bresser’s status among high school wrestlers is unquestioned, but his humility is what surprises those who meet him.

“He’s just a kid, and that’s what he is,” said Bresser’s father, Ron. “He could live in the city. He could live in the country. He’s just very humble about what he’s been able to accomplish.”

“I just have to remember where I came from,” said Ronnie. “I came from elementary, middle school guys and high school guys helping me out. So once I get in, I’ve got to give back to the sport a little bit.”

So after high school practices, Ronnie coaches middle schoolers. It’s a gift he received from his father,  who taught Ronnie from the age of five. The elder Bresser competed in the 1976 Olympics.

“He took second in the Olympics,” said Ronnie. “Big influence. I got hooked when I was about five to six years old. My first year when I was wrestling I won nationals.”

“I just think it’s part of the sport,” said Ron. “I think this is one sport where once you’ve lived it, and it has so many residual benefits for coaches and for the athlete, that I think you want to give back. I think it’s just one of those things ingrained in the sport.”

Ronnie is fully ingrained in the sport. He’s a state champion, a national champion and he hopes to wrestle division one and then, like his father before, compete at the Olympics.