Romanian Princess Arrested In Oregon

Romanian PrincessIRRIGON, Ore. — A Romanian princess and her husband are among 18 other suspects facing cockfighting charges.

Princess Irina Walker, the third daughter of Romania’s deposed King Michael, was among 18 people arrested on Thursday in connection with a cockfighting ring in Morrow County, Oregon.

The princess and her husband, John Wesley Walker, face federal charges that include operating an illegal gambling business. A grand jury indicted the 18 people in connection with ten cockfighting “derbies” that spanned more than a year, from April 2012 to May 2013. Walker and her husband are expected to appear in federal court on Friday.

The princess has no claim to the Romanian throne, as the country’s monarchy was dissolved before world war two. She is a distant relative of Queen Elizabeth the second of England, with whom she shares Queen Victoria as an ancestor.


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  1. tim says:

    If the monarchy was dissolved before world war two, how can she claim to be a Princess? Her family lost that claim to the throne then. So what does that make her? A normal, everyday peon just like the rest of us. Drop the Romanian Princess claim, You don’t deserve it and besides, A true Romanian Princess would have more class than to get cought cock fighting in a barn.

  2. RidgeRunner says:

    Is it Royalty Breaking Bad ?

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