Rogues to Raise Money for Firefighters

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MEDFORD, Ore. – Thursday night the Medford Rogues will lend a hand to a local organization as the team will help raise money for the Wildland Firefighter Foundation. The WFF gives support to the families of fallen firefighters. The idea for this fundraising event came before the wildfires in Southern Oregon began, but those fires are a great reminder of why organizations like the WFF are a worthy cause.

“Well it’s really become more in focus,” said Rogues General Manager Chuck Heeman. “Anyone who looks up at the sky knows how dangerous these fires are and how dangerous it is for these guys to fight the fires, so it hits home pretty closely and especially for us. We drive around, we play our games in the smoke and people are trying to get from where they need to be day-to-day and it really hits home as to what these guys are doing locally.”

There will be a silent auction to raise money during Thursday’s game and half of all ticket sales will go to the Wildland Firefighter Foundation.

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  1. Citizen A says:

    Thanks for your efforts to raise funds in support of firefighters through the Wildland Firefighter Foundation. It would be great if the WFF website (last updated 7-7-13) would acknowledge the deaths of John Hammack and Jesse Trader. I know people are still mourning the loss of the Arizona firefighters from June, but these two Oregon firefighters equally gave the ultimate sacrifice.

    Firefighters and Support Personnel – we all keep you in our prayers – Be Safe.

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